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There’s only one of us and many scribes out there, so Sportsbiztech has rounded up several interesting articles from the past week on – you guessed it – our favorite topics of sports, business and technology:

It’s starting to make its way into movie theaters. Will 3-D make its way to an NFL game near you? [The Indianapolis Star]

Swimmers pick up speed in new SPEEDO LZR Racer bodysuits. [Detroit Free Press]

Swimmers are also benefiting from software that enables them to analyze their technique. []

Video gaming is now an official sport in China! Olympics officials, quake in your boots. [FORTUNE]

A new book, “The Physics of NASCAR,” delves into the science and mechanics of stock car racing. [The New York Times]


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  1. nfl in 3d would be so cool. who can afford tix’s to the games or wait forever for someone to die to get season tix.

    Comment by guest | February 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. I definitely am curious to see how it will stack up to football in HD, which I hadn’t checked out until the holidays when I visited the folks and watched games on a 60″ flat-screen TV. To think THAT changed my sports-viewing experience…

    (Speaking of season tix, I constantly remind my dad that had he thought to put his name on the list for Redskins tickets, he might actually be in the double-digits now, more than three decades later!!!)

    Comment by sportsbiztech | March 3, 2008 | Reply

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