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We at Sportsbiztech plan to make this a semi-regular feature, just because there is always much more going on in the worlds of sports, business and tech than you can swing a hockey stick at.

CIO Magazine nodded to the past when it published an article on the top nine technological innovations in sports that have had a major impact on fans. One of them was the subject of Sportsbiztech’s first entry on the Hawk-Eye. Others include HDTV and the yellow “1st and 10” lines in televised NFL games. Did your favorite make the list? and are so yesterday. Facebook and MySpace are ginormous, amorphous blobs. And does anyone remember Friendster? It might just be better to cut to the chase, especially if you’re a NASCAR fan looking for romance. New online dating site promises to be a safe haven for those who “love the smell of burning tires and the thunder of big NASCAR horsepower” and are turned on by the “smell of fresh exhaust.” For somewhat related, ultra-entertaining/disturbing photos – depending on your point of view – go to

Sports betting in Uganda goes high-tech – and you even get paid the same day you win. []

You can download the Super Bowl champ New York Giants’ (still can’t get my head around that) entire season on iTunes. Click here to go directly to the application, courtesy of Thrillist.

A number of Indian IT companies are signing their way into sports deals ranging from soccer to the Olympics to Formula One. [Times of India]

An Australian university student has designed a glove that can not only monitor a jogger’s health, but also send an alert to a nearby hospital in the case of heart failure. [The Future of Things]

Olympic athletes’ blood samples will be frozen up to eight years. So if they can’t be caught now, they can always be caught later! [The Age]


March 2, 2008 - Posted by | auto racing, tennis


  1. I love this Nascar dating site. I tried to register but there’s no free option and I have to say I’m just not sure I would find too many other men on this site. But it would be so hot.

    Comment by Eddie Radshaw | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree — I wish that they had a 14-day free trial of some sort, although I guess they figure that if you’re a NASCAR fan looking for romance, then you should know what it is that you’re signing up for in the first place.

    At the risk of sounding shallow, I was actually more curious to see if the profiles on the site matched the models featured on the homepage 🙂

    Comment by sportsbiztech | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. -“its all about the benjamins” when it comes to these dating sites.

    -the glove monitor is such an ingenious idea in light of the death of a runner, who was competing in the olympic marathon trials held in ny, last year.

    Comment by pc | March 4, 2008 | Reply

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