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If you can’t beat them, perhaps you should join them.  Chess player Garry Kasparov still may not be so convinced after losing to IBM’s Deep Blue in 1997, but now there is no avoiding the fact that tech geeks are trying to find ways to replace humans with computers.  Those possibilities include:

Computer as scout and statistician: The NBA uses it, and now college hoops will too.  That service is Synergy Sports Technology, which provides detailed information on players’ performances but takes the extra step of linking all the information to digital video.  You can read more about the product at the company’s shockingly bare Web site at  Should someone tell the Patriots?

Computer as fantasy sports guru: No, the Logistic Regression Markov Chain is not a strand of Kasparov’s DNA.  It’s a calculation system designed by three engineering professors at Georgia Tech that has correctly picked 30 of the 36 Final Four teams in the past nine years of NCAA Basketball Tournaments.  The Chain processes data in three different ways stemming from basic scoreboard stats, but the difference between the three is how the margin of victory is calculated into the equation.  If you click on the aforementioned link, look who they just so happen to have as Nos. 1 and 2: tonight’s championship opponents, Kansas and Memphis…

Computer as fitness trainer: As if tennis, golf, bowling and other sports games for the Wii aren’t enough, Nintendo launches Wii Fit in the U.S. on May 21.  It looks like a white plastic board, but it’s actually a wireless device that you stand upon while doing yoga, aerobics and other exercises.  The device then detects your movements and senses whether you are off-balance.  The London Telegraph is not convinced about Wii Fit at all, simply because it feels less like a game, and more like an exercise in mental stamina and patience (mainly in how to work with the unit).  Still, it might convince a couch potato like me to give it a whirl.  Here’s a cheeky video about how it works:


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  1. Good product I like wii.

    Comment by wii fit | April 21, 2008 | Reply

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