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Heal our heels, O Healus

Healus shoes -

Usually Sportsbiztech is the one searching for stories, but a reader contacted us wanting to pitch a story idea. How exciting!

And it happens to be a good one too:, a video Web site that features scientific solutions for everyday problems across England’s West Midlands, has created a clip hosted by European 5000m record holder Dave Moorcroft touting the benefits of the Healus running shoes. A visual account can trump any text description that I will attempt to provide, so here’s the link to the video:

The shoes, developed by Dutch marathoner Adri Hartveld with Staffordshire University in the UK, are heel-less in order to deflect the shock resulting from heels pounding the pavement. These seem to differ slightly from the Masai shoes that I wrote about last month. While the Masai shoes also have slightly curved soles, they are also being touted as casual as well as athletic footwear. This makes sense given that some of the runners that tried out the Healus shoes in the video felt like the curvature in the soles forced them to lean forward, ready to nudge them into a run.

To learn more about the shoes, go to the corporate Web site at One slight problem, though. The site claims that the shoes can be purchased at Bourne Sports in Stoke-on-Trent, but they don’t appear to be sold on the Bourne retail site…


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