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LiveSTRONG braceletThere was his digital picture, posted on a Web site, indicating that he was scheduled to speak at the 2008 Omniture Summit, a conference in Utah focusing on Web analytics. There he was again, this time being quoted on Interwoven’s site on how the content management system company “has made an effort to make both team performance and individual achievement part of the Interwoven culture.”

So in his retirement, the former cyclist now wanted to rack up a string of Webby Awards?

It turns out that has Interwoven sponsored Lance’s team at the Tour de France and other events, and that Armstrong first spoke at one of Interwoven’s conferences in 2000. His official Web site is actually a group of brands:, (Lance’s team), The Lance Armstrong Foundation (his non-profit organization promoting cancer awareness) and Team Discovery Channel (which goes straight to the Web site of his team’s main sponsor).

Sadly, Sportsbiztech was unable to obtain an interview with the seven-time Tour de France champion himself; Katherine McLane, the Foundation’s communications director, did the honors instead. Interestingly, they skipped my question about the Interwoven partnership but provided these answers to the rest:

Sportsbiztech: I noticed that you were recently involved with Omniture at their Summit in March. Can you talk about the extent of your partnership?

McLane: Lance recently spoke at the Omniture Summit, where he shared his story of surviving cancer and the history behind the LIVESTRONG movement. He also invoked upon the audience the notion of active citizenship and encouraged everyone to bridge the gap in society between what we know and where we actually are.

How have your various Web sites — personal/official, Foundation, ThePaceline — changed or influenced the way you do business?

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we [at the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF)] do business. Most of our communication with constituents is now done entirely via e-mail and the Internet so we are able to reach more people in a wider geographic scope. We have also increased connectivity/interaction with the public through our newsletters, blog and Facebook and MySpace applications. Additionally, the LAF’s Web site has affected our fundraising by making it easier for people to make donations and purchase merchandise.

Are there any particular Web sites that you like to use for research and information-gathering, or as resources to promote your Foundation and other work? (social networking, other Web 2.0 initiatives, etc.)

We primarily promote the LAF through our Web site,, and our blog, As previously stated, we also utilize Facebook and MySpace to reach a wider range of people.

* * *

Although we’re disappointed that we didn’t hear from The Man himself, it’s great to see Lance and his Foundation branch out into a number of social networking initiatives. Here are the links to Lance’s official MySpace and Facebook pages (beware of the many imposters on both!):


Apr. 30 clarification: Edelman Public Relations wanted to clarify that the answers in the Q&A came from the LAF’s communications director, not themselves. This has been corrected above. Also, Edelman wanted to mention that the LAF is not involved with Interwoven, which is why that answer was omitted.


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