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Olympics: Good. Cartan Tours: BAD.

Olympic babies in Beijing

Olympic babies in Beijing

In February, I mentioned that I would sadly be watching the Olympics from home. This turned out not to be the case, and I returned this past week from what has shaped up to be a fine par-tay in Beijing.

Now to explain the title: the good came in the hospitality aspect of the Olympics. All of China has come together in such a short amount of time to extend a warm welcome to everyone descending upon their rapidly-growing metropolis. You can read about some of their initiatives here:

“Beijing cheer permeates Olympic atmosphere”:

The bad? That would be the press tour that I went on organized by Cartan Tours, a legitimate operator that has had ties with the U.S. Olympic Committee. The logistical issues with Cartan’s operation contrasted sharply with my Olympic experience to the point that I would not recommend Cartan’s packages to any individual in the future. Since many other travelers had similar issues and planned to file complaints, I felt that it was important that fans considering Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 be warned well in advance:

“Cartan Tours turns Olympic dream into nightmare for travelers”:

It’s a long piece, but I hope that it is helpful. Given how long the company has been in business, it’s inexcusable that Cartan would miss the mark across the board when it comes to sports tourism, putting their travelers at risk in the process. If you’ve had a similar experience with these guys, feel free to share.


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