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(was) …examining the different ways that technology is making an impact on sports.  Yuan-Kwan Chan published this blog as a graduate student in the M.S. in Strategic Communications program at Columbia University. In addition to the Sportsbiztech blog for Columbia, she has been a print and multimedia reporter for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, CNN, the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.



  1. Hi, I couldn’t find another way to contact you but thought you might be interested in this. It’s a video about a heel-less running shoe that someone’s currently designing in the UK. The idea is that if you don’t have a thick wedge of heel to land on you’ll run more naturally and cause less damage to your calf and achilles. The video is here – is an online video channel showcasing innovative science-based business and research. We’d be interested to hear any feedback and, if you’d like to embed the video on your blog, we’d be interested in the reaction from your readers.

    Thanks very much


    Comment by Chris | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] This publication is… […]

    Pingback by Heal our heels, O Healus « Sportsbiztech | April 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. Chris: Thanks for the story suggestion! You can go to the blog entry in the pingback (comment #2 on this page) for the full post. Unfortunately the coding on WordPress wasn’t allowing me to embed the video, so I had to go with a link.

    To all other readers: Feel free to post suggestions. Although we at Sportsbiztech can’t guarantee positive coverage — after all, this IS a blog — it’s always great to know what is being developed out there in the big bad world of sports…

    Comment by sportsbiztech | April 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. Please contact me regarding content and comments left by anonymous users that are tort in action. Again, thanks for the interview with you awhile back.

    8002608434 ex 704

    Comment by AJ Hodel | December 9, 2009 | Reply

    • I JUST noticed this comment now – this site is no longer updated on a regular basis, so I apologize for getting back to this so late. Since certain individuals have left their actual names and/or contact details, it would be helpful to know which matters have been resolved so that these comments can be removed.

      Comment by sportsbiztech | July 3, 2010 | Reply

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